Do you wake up in the morning coughing or sneezing?  Does this condition seem to go on for 10 -15 minutes?  Do you have allergies or some sort of breathing issue?  I’m not a doctor but today I will play one.  The air you breath in your home can be very dirty depending on home often you change your furnace filter,  the type of furnace filter you use, the condition of your heating duct work, if you have pets and the last time you had your furnace cleaned by a heating contractor.  All of these items will contribute to the conditioning of the air you breath inside your home.  My clients from the Morton Grove home inspection noticed that the heating vents had dust all over them and were concerned that that the dust would pose a problem for their son who did have severe allergies.  If you see dust than you know you have to have the heating system serviced.  The question is what is in the areas that you cant see?

If you are about to purchase a house, condo, trailer, or any type of property that you will reside in I advise cleaning the furnace and all of the duct work. The cost of heating duct cleaning can be from $6- $10 per vent.  Count all of your vents and multiply this number by $6 and that is about what your cleaning will cost.  Even if you don’t have allergies there can be all types of issues that are residing in your duct work.  You can see a furnace being inspected at ~  This seem to be very helpful for my clients from the Morton Grove home inspection.

Just because you get your furnace cleaned and the duct work cleaned that doesn’t mean your done.  You still need to protect this system by using quality furnace filters. My advise is to change out your furnace filter every 3 months.  Generally you change the filter in the beginning of the season.   If you live in an area that is known for being dusty, you have pets, allergies or asthma is a concern to you then I would plan on changing your filter to the HEPA type of filter which cost a little more but do block out 99% of the dust and contaminants.  The next step would be to install an air cleaner on your furnace.  This is what my clients from the Morton Grove home inspection were purposing on doing in their new home.

The only problem with air cleaning systems on a furnace is the fact that they only work when the furnace is on.  You might have to keep your blower motor on all the time to engage this system and be able to maximize the benefits of what it has to offer.

The cost of the air cleaning system can be anywhere from $300.00 – $700.00 installed by a heating contractor.  You can see pricing for other repairs you might need on your home at  ~

As you can see this is a easy remedy as long as you know what your looking for.  If you have further questions about heating ducts please contact me at  ~

Thanks for stopping by.  Jim Kolke

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