How to unclog your toilet with Jim Kolke Want to save some serious cash?  If you follow my blog or articles then you know that I am a licensed plumber and I love to empower home owners to perform their own repairs and more important save money!  I was hired for a pre-listing home inspection in Niles, Illinois where I found that the toilet was blocked.  Most people that know me will tell you I love to work on systems when they break.  As you will see, I went to the truck and brought in all kinds of tools to fix this toilet.

If you decide to do these repairs on your toilet, you must be very careful because the china that toilets are made of can be very sharp if broken.  My clients from the Niles home inspection were amazed on how easy it was to unclog their own toilet.  I guess this toilet is close to the children’s bedrooms and the occasional toy goes down this toilet.  If you have children, then you probably will have this same issue.

You can see other videos that we performed at the Niles home inspection at  My clients wanted a home inspector from the Niles area that new the homes and was able to tell them how to fix issues that they would come across on any day.

If you need further assistance on these issues or other items that were not spoke about today please contact me at

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