Clogged tub drain. Learn how to clear it. Do you have a tub that takes forever to drain?  Do you take showers standing in inches of water?  I’ll show you how to remedy slow draining or totally blocked drains of a tub.  The Highland Park, Illinois home inspection had a tub that was totally blocked and was in dire need of repair.

The 2 plunger trick I used at the Highland Park home inspection worked because I was diligent on holding a vacuum seal over the overflow piping.   The home was an older home that had a drum trap.  There are other articles that I have written that will show you how to work on a drum trap.  The direct site for this article is  Unfortunately drum traps are cumbersome to work on but can be done if patient.

The “P” trap is now used and is less prone to have issues like blockages.  Generally these blockages are due to cast iron or galvanize piping.  Most of the new waste piping systems that are installed in homes are made of pvc piping.  If the home owners of the Highland Park home inspection had to hire a plumber they would have to pay them at least $125.00 – $250.00 depending where you live.  You can see other prices of other home issues at ~

Hopefully this video we shot at the Highland Park home inspection will save you money by empowering you to do your own home repairs.  If you need further help with this issue or other issues then please contact me at ~

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