We are based in the North Shore which comprises many older villages. Winnetka along with others is where we inspect alot of older homes.  While performing a home inspection in Winnetka, Illinois I noticed that the basement floor drain was backing up.  The issue was that it didn’t rain that week!  I informed the client that a sewer rodding may be needed.

To investigate this, I ran the water in one of the bathrooms at the home inspection in Winnetka.  The water ran down the sewer with no issues. This is generally an odd result, but in older homes their could be multiple sewer mains going to the street. I decided to run every faucet in the home at the same time to check that their was not the issue at this home inspection in Winnetka.

There were no issues with the waste system, except for the floor drain in the basement.  The level of water in the drain did not change with all the water I added. That meant only one thing!  French drain.  This home has a french drain that had been compromised with a blockage in the pipe.

A french drain is a drain that takes water and leads it to the exterior of the property and released it on the property grounds.  This practice is only used with rain water now ,but used to be used with floor drains within the home 80 years ago.

At the home inspection in Winnetka we suggested that a plumbing contractor  be hired to evaluate the condition of the french drain.  Generally, I would advise that the french drain be abandoned and an ejector pit be installed.  This repair could be costly though.

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