A recent article I published about “good, fast and cheap pick two” will be revisited to explain why cheap home inspectors and cheap home inspector services should be feared.  Feared?  Yes that’s right!  Lets do the math.  The purchase price of the home you are about to purchase is $200,000.00 for a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom home.  Your discount inspector charges $200.00 for his professional home inspection services?  This sounds like a good deal?  Unfortunately for you this home inspector does not carry E and O insurance, generally liability insurance, no pictures on the report and no abilities to even be in this business.  In fact he has only been in the home inspection industry for 2 years.  Not bad?  What did he do before home inspections?  You forgot to ask.  He was a mechanic at Jiffy lube!  That’s great!

How do I know all of this info?  I was hired by his old clients from the Libertyville home inspection to do a real professional home inspection.  My inspection fee for this home was $425.00.  You ask why?  I carry 1 million dollars in E and O Insurance and general liability insurance to protect my client and all the affiliates I work with.  I use Fluke thermal imagers that cost $10,000.00 and other equipment to perform a professional home inspection. 

Do I get calls where people try to get”deals” on a home inspection.  Absolutly.  I dont do discount for anyone because I give a professional product that my clients can hang their hat on when purchasing a home.

My clients from the Libertyville home inspection were smart enough to ask their realtor for an extension on their attorney and inspection period and request a 2ND home inspection.  Luckily for them my inspection found items that would require repairs that exceeded $8000.00.   They see how important a professional home inspection is…now.

Hopefully you will learn that cheap home inspections can costs you thousands from my clients at the Libertyville home inspection.

If you have questions on what to ask your choice in home inspector please contact me at The Thermal Home Inspector or 312-961-4228.

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Jim Kolke

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