If you are looking at homes in this market you might find garage floors that are a perfectly finished concrete floors or you might find concrete slabs that are all cracked up.  If your floor in the garage is cracked up that is probably due to the fact that there are no leaders on the downspouts.  This article is about epoxy floor coatings in garages so I wont go to far off the subject.

Our home inspection on the Palatine home started on the exterior of the home then into the garage of their home.  My clients from the Palatine home inspection were elated about the cleanliness of the garage of the home.  The garage floor had an epoxy floor covering installed over the slab.  This epoxy floor covering can be a good thing if installed properly.  It can be a nuisance if not.  it all depends on the installation.

There are procedures on the installation of an epoxy floor covering in a garage that should be followed if you want to have this floor looking great for many years.

  • Empty garage completely before starting the procedures to installation of your epoxy floor covering in your garage.
  • Sweep the floor so that there is no dirt on the floor at all.  If there are areas that have paint chips are pieces of debris stuck to the floor these areas must be scraped.
  • Repair of cracks must be done after the floor is swept and suggest waiting 24 hours prior to the next step.
  • Etching solution installed over the whole garage floor to prepare the floor to accept and bond to the epoxy floor covering solution.  This is probably the most important step in the installation of a epoxy floor covering.
  • Rinse floor from all the etching material.
  • Drying of the floor for 24 hours but 48 hours would allow for the floor to be perfectly dry.
  • Mixing of the epoxy solution and the installation of the colored particles that will complement and add traction in your garage.
  • Installation of the finish coat should be your final step.  Suggest an added grit for traction on the epoxy flooring material.
  • Drying of the floorshould be for at least 48 hours to assure proper drying time.

These are the procedures to have a beautiful epoxy floor covering in your garage.  The Palatine home inspection did have a floor that seemed to have no visible blemishes that would develop into paint chipping and deterioration to the flooring material.  The repair costs for concrete epoxy floor covering can be in the thousands because the existing epoxy floor covering would have to be taken off and reinstalled.

If you see any area that has chipping or cracking this is a floor that will require repairs or replacement.  If you have further questions about this subject you can contact me at The Thermal Home Inspector or 312-961-4228.

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Jim Kolke

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