An attic inspection is a major part of a home inspection.  Why?  That portion of the home usually tells if there will be structural issues, water issues, insulation issues and so much more.  There can be expensive repairs in the attic.  When a roof is not able to be inspected due to ice or large amounts of snow I inspect the openings in the roof a little more diligent that normal to make sure that there are no possible entry points for water to the building components.

I recently was hired for a home inspection in Park Ridge, Illinois for a young family that was excited about their new purchase but concerned about possible issues that may arise and cost them money.  Generally I start all home inspections  in the attic when I enter the home.  This was exactly where I started at  the Park Ridge home inspection where I immediately found that there was an active water intrusion into the attic from the flashing around the plumbing vent stack.  The water did stain the ceiling below in the bathroom but there was no mold or any issues that would concern me to tell my clients to keep looking.  There was also another past leak from a humidifier.  In some of the larger homes, there may be a furnace in the attic.  The Park Ridge home inspection did have a furnace in the attic.  What the furnace did not have was a overflow pan limit switch that would stop the furnace or air conditioner if there was a blocked drain.  This limit switch stops damage that may occur from water that would come from condensate or a humidifier.

Back to the  leaking flashing from the plumbing vent stack.   Since the structure of the deal for the Park Ridge home would not allow for payment for issues found during a home inspection I suggested to my clients to staple a bag to the rafters, cut an opening in the base of the bag and insert that bag into a 5 gallon bucket to prevent further damage to the home.  I suggested that a roofing contractor be hired to replace the plumbing vent flashing as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the home.

Little issues like this can be seen as a big issue.  There are no problems in a home.  Just questions waiting for answers.  If you are a person will questions and tired of waiting for an answer please contact me at ~ The Thermal Home Inspector or 312-961-4228.

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Jim Kolke

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