Doing a home inspection on a roof in the Chicago land area can be hard to say the least.  I advise to have your roof inspected on every home inspection  even if your inspection is in the winter.  Why?  So many issues can start because of roof issues.  That was definitely the case at the Prairie View home inspection.

The Prairie View home I was inspecting looked very nice from a common view.  When I started probing around the property I noticed that some of the work was done below standards.  The roof was my biggest concern because it was covered with snow and I noticed from the ground that there were areas that where missing shingles.  Because of the pitch and snow covering of 60% of the roof I  had to reposition the ladder in various areas to inspect the roof as a whole.  There were major components that were missing and were causing water infiltration to the building components of the home.

  • Ice Shield  was missing through out the roof of the home.  The ice shield is a 36″ long material that is rolled out from the edge of the roof up toward the ridge of the roof.  The ice shield is installed to protect the roof sheeting from possible ice damning water from entering the building components of the home.
  • Apron flashing was missing and protects the fascia board from wood rot and water penetration.  The apron flashing generally is installed under the shingles and into the gutter of the roof.
  • Roof Drainage system was not installed.  You might know this as the gutters, downspouts,  and leaders.  When these components are missing you open your home up to possible foundation issues, water issues in the basement and so much more.
  • Chimney flashing was  the wrong type.  I suggest using galvanize metal, copper or aluminum.  The Prairie View home inspection had a rolled roofing material as the flashing for the chimney.   There was areas that were open to the environment and were definitely causing water damage to the interior walls of the home.  How was this found?  We use Fluke thermal imagers and Tramex moisture meters on the exterior walls and all ceilings of the Prairie View home inspection.

As you now can see that the cards are stacked up against a home buyer that does not hire a diligent home inspector that does not try to the utmost to protect you from possible hidden issues.  My client from the Prairie View home inspection said he hired The Thermal Home Inspector because of the great reviews he saw on line and the great videos we have on our website.

If you are still unsure of what to look for on a roof when shopping for your home then contact me at The Thermal Home Inspector or call me at 312-961-4228.

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Jim Kolke

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