If you have been home shopping in today’s market, then you might have walked into a foreclosed home that was for sale by the bank.  Most homes that have been foreclosed have been winterized and do not have heat or running water.  As you probably know, I’m a Skokie home inspector that specializes in Foreclosure home inspections.  Foreclosure home inspections are in my mind the hardest type of inspections. Why?

  • Water to these homes has been shut off and winterized.  When a home has been winterized, 50% of the time there are areas in the water piping system of the home that will require repairs that may cost thousands.  The reason why there are issues with the water piping system is due to the fact that the home was not properly winterized.  There may be areas that the water was not removed and the water piping has split or cracked and will not hold water properly.  Luckily for my clients, this Skokie home inspector is also a licensed plumber.  I can give real prices from a licensed plumber to the bank for repairs that can save you time and money.
  • Total disregard for the property is par for the coarse when this Skokieinspector inspects foreclosure home inspections.  The amount of possible issues can be in the hundreds due to the fact that no one really cares about the property that you are having a foreclosed home inspection on.  I definitely think that there are some great deals out in the real estate market as long as you hire the right home inspector to inspect your property. If any major item is missed or you decide not to get the home de-winterized you run the risk of having repair or replacement costs that might cost you thousands.

These 2 items is why this Skokie home inspector suggests that you not only hire a qualified home inspector to perform your Foreclosured home inspection, but a home inspector that uses Fluke thermal imagers for their home inspections.  Because water issues may be the number one issue on a foreclosure home inspection, I suggest the use of a Fluke thermal imager and a Tramex moisture meter to give every client the assurity that they deserve that there are no water issues in the home they are about to purchase.  I personally use only the Fluke thermal imagerand a Tramex moisture meter for all of my foreclosed home inspections because as far as I’m concerned doing a home inspection without them is like driving blindfolded.  Many of the other Skokie home inspectors do not use Fluke Thermal imagers or Tramex moisture meters because lack of funds, lack of customer service or because they just don’t know.  Either way you must protect your biggest investment by hiring the best Skokie home inspector you can.

As you see, the home inspection portion of your home buying experience is probably the most important and you should hire the best person qualified to represent your biggest investment.  If you have further questions about foreclosed home inspections then please contact me at The Thermal Home Inspector or 312-961-4228.

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe.

Jim Kolke

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