Home inspections in Wilmette Illinois show many architectural styles of homes. Wilmette is broken in two distinct areas by the train tracks or Green Bay road.  There is the East side of Green Bay and the West side. Generally some of the oldest homes reside on the east side of Green bay road.

The C.A.G.E. area in the east side of Wilmette is a very desirable area because of the overhanging trees that line the streets made of bricks. The homes generally are turn of the century.   Home inspections in Wilmette Illinois historic east side is always a great adventure. This area boasts some great architectural feats like that of the Bahia Temple.

When we get contracted for home inspections in Wilmette Illinois west side we tend to see more homes built in the 1950′s.  This is true for homes the farther west you go.  These homes are generally the ones that sell more frequently because it seems that they are more affordable.   That doesn’t mean that the quality of the home is inferior to the homes inspected in Wilmette Illinois east side.  They are just different styles.

Traditionally you will see colonials and split levels in the west side of Wilmette. If you are moving to Wilmette and need a home inspector with a background in older architecture contact us at~ www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com

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