One of the best things to do after a long day of work or play is to take a long hot shower, right?  The thing that aggravates me the most is waiting for the hot water to get to the shower from the heater.  What aggravates me  even more is how much water it wastes. Generally, we waste 1-3 gallons of water waiting for the hot water to get to the fixture where we desire hot water.  If you live in an area where water is a commodity this could be very costly.

Recently at a home inspection in Skokie, Illinois I found a tank less water heater.   This is a great energy efficient fixture to have in your home.  The  unit at the home inspection in Skokie was a Rheem natural gas unit.  Tank less water heaters can be run on propane, electric or natural gas.  The natural gas option seems to have the best return dollar for dollar.  The choice of which unit you use will depend on how many plumbing fixtures you have, how many people that live at your home ,and what type of utilities you have in your area.

The owners of the home  in Skokie said that the Rheem tankless water heater saved them about $213.00  a year.  The average that has been recorded for savings a year are $145.00 per year.  Like I said it depends on how many people live at the home and how many plumbing fixtures you have in your home to show your particular savings.

This is an energy program that can be taken advantage of by homeowners as long as you purchase your system by the end of 2010.  The savings are set for 30% of the cost of the installed unit with a limit of $1500.00 per application.  The owners of the home inspection in Skokie wish they could have taken advantage of this deal.

If you are a homeowner or looking to buy a home and have questions about the federal energy program or about tankless water heaters you can contact us at~ Jim Kolke

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