Flooding in homes is a serious issue not to be taken lightly.  Water damage in basements can occur in many ways.  Nature is generally the cause of most of the major flooding  issues due to water back up from sewer systems. This is not the case for the home inspection in Morton Grove, Illinois. This might have been the reason years back, but the definite cause this time was due to a mechanical failure.

The sump pump was definitely the culprit at the home inspection in Morton Grove that caused some minor damage that was revealed on the baseboards of the basement floor.  The sump pump basically failed at a time when you definitely didn’t want it to.  A rain storm!  There wasn’t a back up battery system with a back up pump.

The installation of battery back up pumps with alarms is an item we always try to pass on to our clients.  The general cost for a good system is about $400.00 -  $600.00  installed by a professional plumber.  The home inspection in Morton Grove revealed the damage to the baseboards and the drywall.  It was only about 3″ of water that rose in the basement but sometimes  that’s all you need to have issues with mold.

When you decide you need a battery back up sump system make sure you take the proper measurements of the depth of the pit and the width of the pit.  My advise when installing a new back up sump pit system is to install a new sump pump also.  Then you know when they both were installed. The cost of a good cast iron body sump pump installed by a professional plumber shouldn’t cost you more than $400.00.  The owners of the home inspection in Morton Grove wish they had this information before the flooding in their basement occurred.

If you own a home or are looking to buy a home and have questions about what to look for in a back up sump pump system contact us at~ www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com Jim Kolke

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