In Illinois  a law was enacted for the real estate sales industry that was developed to protect home buyers against radon.  Basically, the home owner has to sign a document that  certifies their knowledge of the radon levels in their home.  The bad news is that most people do not test for radon when they buy a home.  This means that for a homeowner that did not test for radon,that they would not know the level of radon in their home.  We were hired to perform  a home inspection in Deerfield, Illinois and we do offer a radon measurement service for all of our inspections.

The problem we seem to have is that some clients think it is expensive.  Aradon measurement tests cost $225.00  and if you are getting a home inspection we give you $50.00 off.  So, if you are getting a home inspection with radon measurement the cost will be betwwen $550.00 and up depending on the size of your home.   The home inspection in Deerfield did choose to get a radon measurement and that was a smart decision on their part.

Radon is measured in picoCuries.  The lower the number the better.  The national average in homes is 1.3 pCi/1  and levels under 2.0 pCi/1 are ideal.  Radon measurements that come at 4.0pCi/1 are noted for mitigation. These readings are taken by a continuous electric monitor that takes measurements evry 15 minutes for 48 hours with closed home conditions.  In the case of the home inspection in Deerfield, the radon measurement number was above  11.5 pCi/1 .  This is a very high number and we suggested a radon  mitigation system be installed in the home.

Radon mitigation systems generally start around $1200.00  and up depending on the type of home you have, foundation material, finished basement, how many floors the home has, cracks in foundation floor, sump and ejector pits.  In the case of the home inspection in Deerfield, the client said the system was $1900.00.

Radon is odorless, colorless, tasteless radioactive gas that you cant sense without the proper equipment.  I know money can be tight when buying a home,but the money your spending is like an insurance policy to protect your family from the possibilities of lung cancer for the cost of a dinner out with the family??

If you have any questions about radon and need help with the possible cost with systems please contact us at ~  Jim Kolke

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