In La Grange, Illinois there are a lot of older homes with vintage styling.  These homes have endured the test of time with their style and construction durability.  We have seen Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration while conducting a home inspection in La Grange.

The most noteworthy Frank Lloyd Wright Home in La Grange is the home at 221 S. La Grange Rd.  That was attributed to E. Hill Turncock, even by Wright Himself.  Further investigation found that this indeed was a Wright design by plans found in 1960 in Taliesin.

A recent home inspection in La Grange, Illinois found similarities to the design near La Grange Road on Blackstone Ave.   This home was built with the same attributes of a Wright design. The structure of the home was found to be not compromised by 100 years of time.

Another home inspection in La Grange uncovered a similar story to the one on Blackstone Ave.  This home is on Stone Ave. in La Grange.  These homes tend to have minimal issues when we inspect them. This is just another reason why home buyers seek out these style homes – their everlasting quality of construction and ageless charm.

There are many other styles of architecture to be seen in La Grange, Illinois. We see this in the multi-unit condo buildings also. La Grange strives to stay with the times without forgetting the past in their planning for housing developments.  We see this time and time again on our home inspections in La Grange.

Please contact us if we can assist you in your home purchase in La Grange, Illinois.  We inspect many of the vintage homes and condos in the area.

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Jim Kolke

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