“Why do I need a home inspection on my new home in Western Springs, Illinois?”  That was the question I received on the phone from a potential client. They received my name from Cathy Bier a realtor from Smothers Realty in La Grange, Illinois. Cathy explained that they needed the inspection for “quality control of the building of the home”.

My potential client went on to say that the builder will give them a 1 year warranty. My response was ”Do you know what to look for while doing a home inspection in Western Springs? Will you climb on the roof of your 6 bedroom house?  How about crawling in the attic of the home making sure the home was built to code?  Will you inspect furnace, A/C, electric panel and so on…  Do you have a Fluke Thermal imager to see if the proper amount of insulation was used in the attic and the walls?” My new client’s answer to all of these questions was NO. I’m not trying to humiliate them just try to put the situation in perspective. It would be like me trying to represent myself in court for a speeding ticket without ever reading a law book!

We met at the home before the home inspection in Western Springs and started on the outside of the property where I found a possible major issue.  It seems the foundation contractor misread the prints and didn’t make the foundation wall wide enough to hold the limestone and brick at the front of their home.  In fact it was 3″ short!   My recommendation was to bolt a 5′ piece of angle iron under the stone to prevent it from cracking in the future.  The builder said “It hasn’t cracked in a year and it won’t crack”.  My answer was “It hasn’t cracked YET?”  This isn’t a issue that would be a structural issue. It is something that can cause damage to the exterior in time.

The next issue at the home inspection in Western Springs was in the master bathroom. We inspect all motors and pumps in a home.  The pump for the Jacuzzi would be included.  The Jacuzzi return line wasn’t tight and water was pouring out of the union. I shut down the air pump and cleaned the water up with the builder. The builder tightened the union and I retested the unit to assure the client that it was repaired.

The bottom line is that this home was definitely a nicely built home but even the best builders make mistakes. My job is to protect and educate my clients on the condition of their home. The client from the home inspection definitely agrees that home inspections on new homes are necessary.

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Jim Kolke

The Thermal Home Inspector


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