Every home has a water heater, but is it the right one?  That is the question I ask when I’m doing home inspections.  That was not the question when I was at the home inspection in Itasca, Illinois.   The home was built in 1995 and had all the most up-to-date accesories to make the home a home.

I was surprised to see a Grundfos recirculation pump on the 50 gallon Bradford White water heater.  The reason why I was suprised to see this pump at the home inspection in Itasca was that there was only 2 -1/2 baths in the home.  Generally, you see these pump systems on homes with 4 or 5 bathrooms.   The reason why you need this in homes with this many bathrooms is because the square footage of the home could reach 5,000 square feet and the  Bradford White water heater would have to work extra hard to move this amount of water to these locations.  Also, it would take several minutes and several lost gallons of water to get the desired heat needed thereby wasting energy.

The listing realtor for the home inspection in Itasca said that the home owner added the Grundfos recirculation pump because he wanted to conserve water and he didn’t want to wait for the hot water for his morning shower.

Most people think these pumps are wasting natural gas because they pump water all the time. They would be wrong.  The Grundfos pump has a timer so you can set when you want the system to run and when you want it to shut down.  There are also duplex systems that have multiple timers for morning and evening when hot water demand is at its maximum.  Generally, the cost for the pump and installation should not exceed $750.00 depending on the area of the water heater. The Grundfos pump was recently installed in the home I inspected in Itasca.  That meant my clients would have years of worry free instant hot water.

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