If you like beautiful architecture look no farther than Oak Park, Illinois where among others you will find homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright.   Oak Park happens to have the most Frank Lloyd Wright homes in 1 village.  In fact the home he lived in is on 951 Chicago Ave Oak Park, Illinois.  This home was built in the shingle style which in not like the Prairie style that he pioneered and is highly sought after.   There are almost 30 properties that he designed in Oak Park.

I received a call from a client that was excited like it was Christmas.  “I have a offer in on a Frank Lloyd Wright style home and we want to book an inspection” my new client boasted.

On arrival of the home inspection in Oak Park ,I could definitely see the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Style that was mimicked by another designer.  This home definitely resembles the Frank W. Thomas House on 210 Forest Ave Oak Park.  The Heurtley House was FLW’s first all stucco home which is the same for the home inspection in Oak Park.

The home is 104 years old and all of the orginial  leaded glass windows were still in perfect condition.  The home inspection in Oak Park had nominal issues until I was able to inspect the porch footings.  The footings to the front porch were cracked and 1 of the concrete beams was falling and would need to be replaced with newer structural beams within the next couple of years.  The reason for this cracking was a oil storage tank for the boiler was removed and when the contractor excavated the tank they didn’t replace the dirt.  The void under the porch allowed for movement of the footings thus movement of the beam.  There wasn’t any structural issues at the home inspection in Oak Park.  This home would be expected to be around for another 100 yeras with the right owners.  People that want to own a vintage home should understand that regular maintenance will be needed to keep the homes integrity in check.  If you have time and love Frank Lloyd Wright architecture as much as I do you should check out the FLW tours available in the Chicago land area.

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  • Those houses were really nice and great. I really like to dwell and own that place and house. Thanks for sharing it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

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