If you know anything about Chicago’s Lincoln Park you know that parking is a commodity.  People purchase parking spots in garages for $20,000.00.  Then you still have to pay maintenance and property taxes on that parking spot.  I received a call from a perspective client wanting to know if we could do a condo home inspection in Chicago, Illinois.  The actual area was the hot urban paradise of Lincoln Park which is known for the bars and happening restaurants.  I explained to our new client how we do condo home inspections in Chicago.  Basically, we inspect the whole building as though you were buying the whole building.  My new client liked that idea, but when I explained to her that I would also be inspecting her deeded parking spot she seemed a little confused.  I explained to her not to worry I had it all under control.

I inspected the condo in Chicago with your typical GFCI issues.  Generally, I find that in older condos or homes that GFCI’s are not installed in the bathrooms and kitchens.  That seemed to be the only issue that I found at the home inspection in Chicago besides the bad paint on the walls.

I was done essentially with the condo inspection in Chicago except for the deeded parking space.  As soon as I saw the parking space, I informed my client that a licensed plumbing contractor would have to be called.  The horizontal cast iron waste piping was leaking waste from one of the lead and oakum joints.  A mix of waste water and rust had left a mark on the concrete floor 7″ in diameter.  The repair of this pipe would need to be done before my client should park her vehicle in her space.  The condo association was notified of the leak in the garage of the home inspection in Lincoln Park.  These things do happen, but it makes it alot easier if they are found before you sign your name on the dotted line.

If you need a condo home inspection in Chicago and have concerns with how the building is built  contact us at~ www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com  Please leave a comment or a question you might have about your condo.  Thanks~  Jim Kolke

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