Recently on a home inspection in La Grange Park, Illinois we found that the grading (pitch of the dirt) had a negative pitch towards the house.   Our clients were baffled on why this was such a major issue on the health of the home.  I explained to the client that the rain water will follow the pitch of dirt towards the home down the foundation wall and erode the dirt below the footings and cause water penetration which can lead to structural issues in the home.

On this particular home inspection in La Grange Park, we did find that the grading was a “defective issue”.  The word “defective” could possible “scare” clients or Realtors about the integrity of the home.  On further review of the home, I found that there was no structural damage at the time of inspection.  My advice was to hire a landscaper to increase the grade away from the home.  This is generally an inexpensive repair to the home and could also be repaired by the new home owner.

In the picture below, you can see the components that would make an ideal grading on a home inspection in La Grange Park.   A lot of times this item is overlooked and could cost you thousands of dollars in foundation repairs.  You can see in the illustration that the grading directly affects the footings and foundation which in turn will affect the home up to the roof.

If you are unsure of what to look for when inspecting for grade give us a call and we will assist you.  We are in La Grange Park doing home inspections on a regular basis.  We do not mind stopping by and pointing you in the right direction.

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