Most single family homes have a chimney for exhaust of gases or smoke from the water heater, furnace and/or the fireplace.  These chimneys need to be inspected diligently.  The only proper way of inspecting a chimney is by getting on the roof.  This means sometimes you have to go on very high roofs.  I go on every roof I can with the exception of tile, slate and shake.  The reason I do not go on these type of roofs is due to the possibility of damaging them.  Only a professional roofing contractor that deals with these types of roofing material should attempt walking on these types of roofs. You can see how I walk on different styles of roofs on our site at ~    The home inspection in Lincolnshire, Illinois had a very high roof that needed a 36′ ladder to inspect the roofing material and chimney.

When I got to the top of the roof of the Lincolnshire home inspection I noticed a couple of possible issues.  The first issue that came to my eye was  the roof had 3 layers of roofing material.  The top layer was in good shape but the coverings do not allow the attic to breath and it also puts added stress on the structure of the property.

The other item I found in immediate repair at the Lincolnshire home inspection was the chimney needed repairs at the crown.  This crown happened to be made of brick.  A brick crown requires more  maintenance that a monolithic poured concrete crown.  There is less permeable areas that could allow possible issues to develop.  The crown of the Lincolnshire home inspection would require repairs to be done by a mason contractor.  The repairs were minimal but the safety and set up is what takes all the time hence the costs.  This crown was covered with a rolled roofing material to prevent further damage from the elements.  The home owners of the property were smart enough to access the possible damages and prevent further damage by wrapping the crown.  This definitely secured the area until repairs could be done properly.

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