All homes have a kitchen and we all think that the appliances that are in these kitchens are safe?  The only way we know if their is any concerns is if they come up on a recall list that is supplied by the manufacturer.  These are things that we inspect.  In fact, our client from a home inspection in Darien, Illinois wanted to know if all the appliances worked properly.  I explained that we inspected all these items on a regular basis.  The concern is if they work and they have flaws with their systems that have been recalled.

This particular home inspection in Darien had an electric range.  Electric ranges do not generally pose a problem.  The issue is when the units malfunction.  When there is an issue the manufacturer posts a news release of issues of the particular model so repairs or replacements are able to be given out.

Like I said, the Darien home inspection had a Kenmore electric range that came up on a recall list for issues with the control pad knobs.  Some units would turn on spontaneously and some would not shut off.  There are causes of fires that have been reported and property damages from these issues.

I flagged the items at the Darien home inspection for recalls and had to notify the homeowners to prevent any safety issues.

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