Insulation in a property is a very important component to a homes system.  Insulation will protect your wallet against energy loss.  When a home is missing portions of the insulation or the depth of the insulation is low (3″-9″) there can be multiple issues that will be explained in this blog.  The Countryside home inspection will explain why increasing insulation depth will save you money in the long run.

The Countryside home inspection started from the outside and worked it way into the top of the home.  That would be the attic for the people who are new to my blog.  When I inspect an attic, I look for many things.  You can see me inspect an attic at    The first is the temperature to see if the temperature matches the outside.  The temperature should be as close to the outside temperature because when an attic exceeds 130 degrees it starts to “cook” the underside of the sheathing of the roof which in turn weakens the roof shingles.  Ventilation is the cure for this issue.  If there is not enough roof vents adding more is a remedy or adding a thermostatic attic fan will relieve this issue.  The next issue I look for is bathroom fans.  I like to see the bath fan venting through the roof line.  If it is just laying in the attic it can cause mold in the attic.  This can cost thousands to have it mitigated.  The attic/roof  structure is the next item that is inspected to see if there any issues with the rafters or trusses.  The final component of the attic inspection is the insulation.  This is where I had a problem at the Countryside home inspection.  The depth and material should always be documented so the client can make informed decisions on what to do.

The Countryside home inspection had 3″ of compressed cellulose insulation that had been in the home for the last 40+ years.  My advise was to have more insulation added to increase the ”R” rating.  I advised my clients to have 12″ added to the areas already covered.  In the Midwest the proposed ”R” rating suggested is R-38  -  R-60.  I split the 2 at  R-47.  The cost to add this is generally $1 – $4 depending on what type of material you choose to use.  There is fiberglass rolled, fiberglass blow in, cellulose, polystyrene.  The choice is yours.

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