How important is the inspection of a roof?  I believe it is probably one of the most important items of an inspection.  I’ll explain in detail why I feel this portion of a home inspection is so important.  I performed a home inspection in Western Springs, Illinois that we will use as an example of why roof inspections are so important.

When you go to inspect a roof you want to educate and inform your clients of many important details on that will concern the roofs integrity. This is exactly how I performed the home inspection at the Western Springs property.

First of all, you want to go on the roof of every home as long as the roof is walk able and safe.  There are roofs that should not be walked on due to their material.  These roofs are made of slate, wood shake, wood shingle, concrete tile, clay tile and any material that has the probability to crack.  When you walk on the roof you will be able to identify the possible issues on the roofs material.  While walking on the roof you will also be able to test the structures ability to hold any type of weight.  Most home inspection reports should give you documentation of the material used to cover the roofing structure, how many layers, possible issues, age, lifespan, possible cost.  We have a cost page on our web site to help our clients understand how much a new roof will cost them.  You can see this site at Repair costs.  The Western Springs home inspection did not have any issues with the roofing materials.

The next portion of a roof inspection is the inspecting of the drainage.  Flashing’s, gutters, leaders, downspouts, valleys are all part of this portion of the roof inspection process.  You want to make sure that all these items are installed properly and will not fail and cause water damage to the home and its contents.  You can watch me do a roof inspection at  All of these components need to be inspected and documented to your home inspection report.  The Western Spring home inspection did have issues with the flashing that needed to be tended to to prevent water from entering the building envelope.

As you can see there are many areas that can cause issues that can cost you real money if not properly inspected.  If you have questions about home inspections please contact us at ~ 312-961-4228.

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Jim Kolke

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