This winter was a doozy with all the snow and cold weather here in the Chicagoland area. Dring a home inspection in Lake Forest, Illinois we suspected issues with the building’s  insulation. The gas bills seemed to be a little high for the square footage of the home. We pride ourselves in that we use thermal imagers on all home inspections in Lake Forest and other towns and cities. Luckily we do, because the home was missing insulation in the walls.  We found out by using the thermal imager to evaluate the wall temperature.

The next stop was the attic. When I entered the attic, I was flabbergasted to see that there was NO insulation in the attic of the home inspection performed in Lake Forest. My next concern was ice-damning that can occur when you have a lot of snow and no insulation in your attic.

I bet you guessed it,  there was ice-damning in the home inspection in Lake Forest.  You would have guessed right!!  For those people that don’t know how ice damning occurs, the heat from the home rises up eventionally into the attic and heats the roof sheathing and melts the snow.  The temperature heats up during the day and cools in the night.  The day forms water and then ice is formed at night. This process happens over and over until the ice creeps under the roofs ice shield and you now have water entering your home.

Insulation in your home is a major component and should be checked to see if you have enough.  If you think you might have issues similar to this and need our help contact us at

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