Toilet backed up??  Happens to everyone.  Don’t worry I will explain how to clear a toilet sewer line on your own.  If you want to give a plumber $125.00 then call your favorite plumbing company.  If you want to save money then read on.  I got this idea while I was performing a home inspection in Chicago.  The toilet to the master bathroom was blocked and the home owner admitted they could not get the line cleared.  They said they called a plumber, but he couldn’t make it until the evening.  I had a closet auger in the truck so I felt it a great lesson for my clients from the Chicago home inspection.

The first thing you want to buy is a closet auger like this one.  This is a rigid closet auger.


This tool is needed to clear the toilet.  You want to pull the handle back while holding the tube of the tool.  You then put the hook into the base of the toilet and push lightly while turning the handle.  The auger (snake should slide into the toilet bowl and the water should go down.  Pull back the handle and push it back while turning the handle again to ensure that the blockage is clear.  If you have problems take a look at this video at ~

My clients from the Chicago home inspection were amazed that it was that simple.  You too can do this yourself and save money.  If you have more questions please contact us at ~  Thanks for stopping by.  Jim Kolke