We are now in Spring here in the Chicago land area where we can get tons of snow, rain or wind that could knock you off your feet.  We received a scheduled inspection from our website.   Another home inspection in Highland Park, Illinois was scheduled for the weekend.  We had alot of rain for 2 days and then 80′s.  Welcome to Chicago!!

I arrived to the home inspection in Highland Park and began at the exterior of the property.  There were small issues like grading of the sidewalk, railings and landscaping  issues.  The issue that drew concern was that the drip loop for the electrical tower was missing-electric needs to  enter the home one of two ways.  Either underground utilities  (which I think is better all around) or at a surface mast (overhead).  That is what the electric poles have on them along with cable and phone services.   When you have overhead electric you need a tower, mast and drip loop.  All three of these things are very important to the integrity of the electric service.

I noted these issues and continued on with the home inspection in Highland Park.  I inspected the home with minimal issues that all were reported to my client.  I inspected the basement with no alarming concerns until I opened the electrical box.

The electrical box cover was rusted  in many areas and looked as though there was arcing inside the breaker box.  This is definitely a dangerous situation that needs to be tended to immediately.  I informed my client that there was a possible safety threat and I needed to inform the realtor to prevent injury to the occupants of the home.   My clients agreed wholeheartedly.

The problem is the drip loop lets the rain water repel against the mast.  By there not being a drip loop in the home inspection in Highland Park , the water was following the electrical cable into the home, down the piping and into the electrical breaker box.   A drip loop will need to be installed by a licensed electrical contractor which is always our recommendation.  This is not a very expensive repair but a necessary one.

If you think you have problems with your electrical service mast and need help identifying your potential issues contact us at-  www.pinnaclepropertyinspection.com  Jim Kolke