If you are shopping for homes or you are extremely happy with your home that you live in now then this article is for you.  I just completed a home inspection in Lake Zurich, Illinois and had multiple questions from a young newly wed couple who were buying their first home and were very nervous about every aspect of a home purchase.  The Lake Zurich home I was inspecting was a 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch home.  Generally, a home inspection of this caliber would only take 2-3 hours.  The home inspection ended up taking 4.5 hours to inspect due to the many questions my new home buyers had prepared and asked me.  You see, if I don’t help these people and give them the correct answer then the chances are high that they might never get the right answer.  The question that stuck with me wereabout  the electrical issues.   My clients from the Lake Zurich home inspection were both afraid of electric issues that arose from the home inspection.  They wanted to have gfci type outlets throughout the home.  I explained that it could be done, but I most definitely would not put one behind the refrigerator.  I explained where these outlets were found and why they were used.

  • Bathrooms are a great place to have gfci type electric outlets.
  • Kitchens should have gfci type electric outlets in every outlet except for the outlet behind the refrigerator.
  • Crawl spaces and unfinished basements are a must for gfci type electric outlets.
  • Garages need gfci type electrical outlets to protect possible water to electric connection.
  • Laundry rooms must have gfci type electric outlets
  • Exterior outlets of a home should all be gfci protected outlets.

All of these areas are areas that water and electric may meet.  The gfci type electrical outlet is installed to prevent a surge in electric and if an occupant has direct connection to the electric from the outlet they will not be harmed.

The Lake Zurich home inspectioncame up with many issues.  The reason why  is because it was a foreclosure property that happened to be abandoned by the occupants a year ago.  Foreclosure home inspections are known to be full of potential issues that my clients will need repair or replacement cost prices so that they can decide if the repairs will be to much for them to handle.  One of the issues was the fact that the homes electrical breaker box was undersized and had 6 double taps that would mean the breaker box would have to be updated along with the installation of gfci type electrical outlets in all the areas that require these type of outlets.

As you see, there are many areas for gfci type electrical outlets and why they are needed.  If you have further questions about electrical issues  then please contact me at ~ The Thermal Home Inspector or 312-961-4228.

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe.

Jim Kolke