Almost all single family homes have driveways.  There is a wide variety of types of driveways available to the consumer.  The choice of driveway materiel can be dictated by the cost of the material and labor of each type depending on where you live in the United States.  The choices of material are asphalt, concrete, paver, peat gravel, asphalt with paver border, concrete with paverboarder  and many other styles and variations of the above materials.  In the case of the home inspection in Palatine, Illinois  a  Uni-lock paver driveway was installed.

This type of driveway is my personal driveway of choice because if it shifts you can pull the pavers and rearrange the grading.  The grading was one of the issues with the paver driveway at the home inspection in Palatine.  When you have shifting  or sagging in a paver driveway it is generally due to poor pitch or poor compaction of the 12″ of stone compact stone beneath the pavers. This generally will need a maintenance call to the Uni-lock paver installer.  The contractor’s in the Chicago land area  give a 1 year warranty on all work.

The next item found in need of repair was a 17″ * 17* circle of motor oil on the driveway at the home inspection in Palatine.   Most people go through the Uni-lock contractor to pull the bricks out and replace them with new clean ones.  Uni-lock pavers are great because their color is solid through out the core of the paver.  My advise to my client was to use a cleaning product called Pour -n-Restore oil stain remover.  I have actually used it on my own paver driveway and was skeptical of the promises it boasted.  It removed the oil that a contractors van had left on my driveway like it was never there.  (I’m not affiliated with this company in anyway, follow all directions on label) The home owners of the home inspection in Palatine overheard the remedy for the driveway and were impressed also.

If you have questions about maitece on your driveway  please contact us at  Jim Kolke