How to repair your garbage disposal is what I’ll be showing you what to do today.  I came across a garbage disposal that was inoperable and was in need of repair while at a home inspection in Schaumburg, Illinois.  The general remedy for most people is to pick up the phone and call a plumber, friend, dad, mom and on and on.  I’ll en power you so you can do these repairs with out calling anyone.

My clients from the Schaumburg home inspection could not beleive that this was happening.  I beleive a home inspection is my classroom to educate all my clients on how to work on their own home if they choose to.  I like to take the scare tactic out of a home inspection and make it fun for everyone.  It should be a happy time.  Your buying your home!

As you will see in the video there is an area to insert a garbage disposal wrench or Allen key to free the gears of the garbage disposal.  If this area is stuck it will cause the electric safety switch to pop out and then you will have to free up the gears and possibly reset the switch.  The worst case is you may have to loosen the connection to the sink and lower the garbage disposal to pull out any items out.  I have found that loose change, bones, bread ties and so much more will cause the gears of the garbage disposal to bind.  Most people will call for a service call by a plumber. 

Hopefully this video enpowers my clients from the Schaumburg home inspection to take on more home repairs in the future.  If you have further questions about your garbage disposal you can contact me at ~

Thanks for stopping by.  Jim Kolke