Roofing issues are items that come up regularly on home inspection reports.  There is all type of issues that can be found on a home’s roof and I’ll explain the different issues in this article.   I was hired for a home inspection in Schaumburg, Illinois where my client had issues about the roof prior to my start of the inspection.  I try to start a home inspection without any bias to give the seller and the buyer an equal and fair market place for a home inspection.  The roof that I was inspecting was estimated as a 10 years old 3 tab asphalt shingle that seemed to have at least 5 years left in service.  My concerns started when I noticed that there was another layer of roofing shingles under the layer I was inspecting.  I’m not a big fan of multiple layers of shingles on a roof.  The building code throughout most of Illinois is 2 layers of roofing shingles are allowed.  There are a few reasons why I don’t like multiple layers of roofing shingles on a roof.


  • The shear weight of  multiple layers of roofing shingles can cause stress on the framing of a roof and could cause truss’s or rafters to bow and or break. 
  • Multiple layers of roofing shingles can allow hail to cause damage to the shingles.  Hail will hit the shingle with force and the second layer of shingles will allow for a cushion which will cause a hail pot mark on the shingle.  You are less likely to see this hail damage on a roof with single layer of shingles.
  • Adding additional layer of shingles does not allow you to change the flashing, ice shield, felt paper and so on.  These systems do need to be updated.  I’ve inspected homes that had 9 layers of shingles and when removed found that the roof sheathing was totally rotted out from water that was trapped in between the multiple layers.  The Schaumburg home inspection had 2 layers and the 1st layer was installed 39 years ago.  
  • When you have multiple layers of roofing shingles the roof can hold heat and prematurely age.  Removing the 1st layer of shingles generally only costs $500.00 – $1200.00 depending on the size and type of roof you have on your home.
  • If you have a leak in your roof finding the entry point is quite a bit harder when multiple layers of roofing shingles are used.  I found water staining in the attic of the Schaumburg home inspection that I believed came from the flashing on the chimney.  I can not be sure because the chimney flashing went down to the 1st layer of shingles and then was tarred over.  This is a recipe for water intrusion and then mold issues.

As you probably could guess my client from the Schaumburg home inspection was concerned on the replacement costs for a new roof   on his soon to be new home.  I estimated the replacement cost for this home to be $7000.00.  This replacement would be a total tear off and replacement with architectural shingles with a 35 year rating.

As you see there are a lot of questions to ask when looking at a roof.  If you have questions about roofs please contact me at ~ The Thermal Home Inspector or 312-961-4228.

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How to repair your garbage disposal is what I’ll be showing you what to do today.  I came across a garbage disposal that was inoperable and was in need of repair while at a home inspection in Schaumburg, Illinois.  The general remedy for most people is to pick up the phone and call a plumber, friend, dad, mom and on and on.  I’ll en power you so you can do these repairs with out calling anyone.

My clients from the Schaumburg home inspection could not beleive that this was happening.  I beleive a home inspection is my classroom to educate all my clients on how to work on their own home if they choose to.  I like to take the scare tactic out of a home inspection and make it fun for everyone.  It should be a happy time.  Your buying your home!

As you will see in the video there is an area to insert a garbage disposal wrench or Allen key to free the gears of the garbage disposal.  If this area is stuck it will cause the electric safety switch to pop out and then you will have to free up the gears and possibly reset the switch.  The worst case is you may have to loosen the connection to the sink and lower the garbage disposal to pull out any items out.  I have found that loose change, bones, bread ties and so much more will cause the gears of the garbage disposal to bind.  Most people will call for a service call by a plumber. 

Hopefully this video enpowers my clients from the Schaumburg home inspection to take on more home repairs in the future.  If you have further questions about your garbage disposal you can contact me at ~

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You see it  daily in your life now, the ratio of homes in foreclosure distress to regular home sales. This can be “lopsided” depending on where you’re looking and what part of the country you’re living in. It can be a very scary time or a dream come true depending of what side your looking from.  At Pinnacle Property Inspection Services, Inc.  we are seeing a definite rise in HUD, REO or foreclosed  home inspections in Schaumburg, Illinois and other villages and cities in the Chicagoland area.

I remember when I thought “not in my area, we don’t have that issue here.” Boy was I wrong!

I service many prestigious villages and cities with the same concerns as the more modest villages.  The issues we are faced to address are generally due to complete laziness from the owners of the foreclosures.  No one wants to spend any more money than they have to and that includes the mortgage companies of the foreclosed homes. Luckily, my inspection company employs licensed professionals who can assist the realtor’s who definitely need people helping their client’s get a chance at home ownership.

Recently at a home inspection in Schaumburg, the water was not turned on. Luckily, I have a Chicago plumbing license (pl#194988).  I turned on the water with written permission from the mortgager of the foreclosure.  Potential home buyers and realtors really appreciate this added service we can give our clients. The other issue I found at the home inspection in Schaumburg was the gas service was shut down. This adds extra return visits to properties to inspect furnaces and water heaters.  People could say its the realtor’s fault??  I think not!  I’ve dealt with deals that the realtor’s had to secure the utilities with their own credit cards to get them turned on for an inspection.  These realtor’s can make some good money, but in no way are they the reason the market is in the condition it is.

The last issue I found  in the home inspection in Schaumburg was the electrical service.  Waiting for the electrical provider to install a meter or to turn on the electric becomes unnerving.

I feel there are some real good opportunities for home ownership as long as you have a little patience.  If you are in the Chicagoland area and need help with a foreclosure please contact us at~~